No matter how well-rated it is, your hotel room could be a breeding ground for bedbugs. These minute pests nest inside warm bed mattresses and can get transferred to your home by latching onto your luggage. In this scenario, comprehensive bedbug control is the only way out for hotels and homeowners alike.

The Importance of Bedbug Control for Hotels & Homes

Causes of Bedbug Infestations in Hotels

bed bug controlHotels are typically exposed to bedbugs by travelers staying in their accommodations. Even a handful of these insects can invade the entire space within a matter of days. Since they reside within the foam and fabric layers, it can be hard to detect these blood-sucking pests on first sight. It takes a detailed and thorough search of the bedding and other upholstered furniture to get a full view of the infestation.

How Pest Control Services Can Help

study conducted by the University of Kentucky shows that discovering bedbugs in their hotel room is the leading cause of travelers switching accommodations. Many of them opt out of staying at such hotels based on negative reviews about the infestation situation. The resulting financial loss and bad reputation can be salvaged only by investing in comprehensive pest control services by a trusted local exterminator.

Homeowners’ Need for Bedbug Control

If you’ve recently stayed in a hotel room with bedbugs, take immediate action before these pests spread throughout your home. Place the clothes in your luggage inside the dryer and turn the settings to the highest temperature, since these insects are vulnerable to heat. Additionally, hire a trusted exterminator to inspect your home thoroughly and provide effective solutions for any signs of bedbug invasions.