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Bed bugs are everywhere in the world, and in fact are increasing in numbers in the United States. Their numbers have been on the rise here due to increased world transportation. They tend to hitchhike in peoples luggage, back packs, and other personal belongings. Thus, they are commonly found in many hotels across the country. However, they can hitch a ride with you, and be found around the home as well.

Bed Bugs tend to hide in dark spaces, and are most active during the night, where they feed on the blood of animals and people. They usually hide near areas where you sleep, such as bed boards and under mattresses. They can cause awful bites across your whole body, and are in fact parasites that can spread diseases!

If you or someone you know has experienced Bed Bug bites, or have seen a bed bug infestation in your home or business, you need to call the Pest Control experts at West County Pest Control immediately! We will inspect your residence for any signs of a bed bug infestation, and will eliminate and prevent any future bed bug infestations from occurring. Call Today!


Depending on the life cycle stage, bed bugs can range from translucent yellowish (newly hatched) to rusty brown (adult stages) and even bright red after a blood meal. Unfed, bed bugs are flat and oval, yellow to golden brown with a dark squiggle on their abdomen (that’s their digestive system). After a blood meal, they’re plump and reddish brown.


As their name implies, bed bugs like to live and feed in beds, where you spend a long amount of time at rest, so they can take advantage of you, their food source. They also live behind baseboards, wallpaper, picture frames, drapery folds, upholstery, in pet beds, and in furniture crevices.


Blood; primarily human, but bed bugs will dine on any warm-blooded animal.

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